Wei Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in June 2002 and has consistently dedicated itself to providing outstanding manufacturing solutions. In the early stages, we focused on high-speed CNC milling machines, gantry milling machines, horizontal boring mills, large-scale CNC gantry milling machines, and various mechanical parts machining. We also offered services such as the assembly outsourcing of automation equipment and professional welding frame services. With the changing times, we have continually expanded our business scope and improved machining techniques to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


The core business philosophy of Wei Sheng Industrial includes continuously enhancing machining quality, innovating machining equipment, and delivering excellent customer service. We offer a wide range of services, covering part machining, module assembly outsourcing, frame integration manufacturing, welding frame engineering, horizontal boring mills, small and large-scale fourth-axis machining, four-axis gantry machining, five-axis gantry machining, vacuum equipment manufacturing, specialized machine design and manufacturing, and welding frame outsourcing, among other areas. In response to the ever-changing demands of our customers, we expanded our manufacturing capabilities in 2023 by adding laser cutting and sheet metal processing services.


Wei Sheng Industrial is certified through ISO 9001. With professionalism, innovation, and quality as our cornerstones, we are committed to providing customers with the best manufacturing solutions. Regardless of the requirements, we strive to wholeheartedly offer high-quality and efficient services, becoming a trustworthy partner for your needs.